Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milestones while Embracing with Grace

So I've been a blog slacker! You would think since I don't work I would have plenty of time to spout off every random thought I have, but really I'm just a slacker LOL.
So I'm definitely noticeably pregnant now. No more in between Buddha bellies. We've got a severe gut growing! I definitely have had a couple of emotional breakdowns since I was having some issues with perspective. For those of you have gone through pregnancy know that the sudden growth, weight gain and changes you go through can sometimes send you for a loop. But as my coach Lauren told me last week "You're pregnant girl!!!" She reminded me that pregnancy is a beautiful transformation and that I need to accept it in that way. We all go through changes and we all grow in those changes differently. Thanks Lauren!! I've definitely been living my new motto Embrace with Grace!
So the milestones we've been experiencing...well we definitely have flutters and some rolling. This started almost 2 weeks ago. Luckily for the fun rolling Stevo has actually been home. I was always afraid that with his traveling he was going to miss out on those. Luckily, little Noah has been considerate enough to wait till his daddy got home. The rolling movement was crazy. It felt like a little fist rolling around on the inside of my belly and my stomach was SUPER hard.
Our next milestone was small flutter kicks when Stevo decided to blast Metallica in the car when we were headed to the Bay Area last Saturday. I say it was Noah trying to get away from the "noise". He begs to differ. My pay back was last night as I was listening to my Kaskade station on Slacker Radio while waiting at the airport for Stevo to deplane. The little man went active!! Of course Stevo says he was trying to get away from the "noise" LOL. I'll just hope this child has and eclectic taste in music :)
Our big milestone happened last night around 11:30 while laying in bed. I felt and saw a nice kick on the middle of my belly. Can you say WHOA!! So Stevo put his hand on my belly and started pushing to see if we could get another kick. Luckily, Noah cooperated! It was so crazy to feel and see a kick from a this little life inside. Every milestone definitely makes this whole process feel more real all the time. April seems so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it!

and now the belly pics...

Week 22 included in next blog post...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I will say, naming your child is one of the most hardest things to do. You take two people who have different thought processes on what they think a good name is and try and find a compromise. Really how do you compromise when you LOVE a name so much. When it comes to something I really really like, I have a hard time not being stubborn, not being open minded and not being pushy to get my way. I really have a hard time with the word No too. Yes that word was thrown around a few times.

Well when we didn't know what the sex was we had thrown around some names. We really liked Jacob, but it was the #1 name in 2009 and chances are it will probably be the #1 in 2010 which means by the time he went to school he'd probably be sitting in a class with 10 other Jacobs. So off the table that went. So when we found out surprisingly it was a boy, the discussions really began! I immediately knew the name I wanted once the technician said we were having a boy. I had one name I LOVED and Stevo had one name he loved and trying to convince each other that our choice was better than the others choice made for some very interesting discussions. I may or may not have stomped my feet a few times in protest. He didn't dislike my choice, he actually really liked mine. He just had a hard time picturing calling his son by it. Um hello, he was still getting used to even realizing he was having a son let alone having to call it by and actual name. Then his first choice for a name, well I did not and could not see naming my son the name he had chosen. It was not a bad name at all, its just, well, I had already imagined our little boy with the name I had chosen and calling him by it. I guess it's a girl thing, we always put the fantasy together in our heads and I already saw myself calling to him while he was running through the house.

So after many debates we decided. I won't say that I won because really it is a great name and fits well with our last name and Stevo did contribute the middle name which was a much better choice then the one I was putting with his first name. (Small DISCLAIMER though: we are happy with the middle name but not married to it if something better catches our eye. So far nothing works as good as what we have chosen.

OK OK enough stalling...

Noah Michael will be making his appearance (hopefully on time) on April 12, 2011. I am absolutely in love with his name and can't wait to see his little personality build up around it. Now if we could just make the clock go a little faster. We are so excited to start this chapter in our lives!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Name Game

Oye!! Why is it that the hubby and I could throw out girl names and actually agree to them much more than boy names? I can't believe how hard coming up with boy names is! It can't end with an "N" cause our last name ends with an "N" and it would be a bit too wordy for me. Or, I knew a so and so and I really didn't like him so we can't use that name. Another big issue we are running into is that when it comes to the baby department we are pretty behind most if not all of our friends so our pool of names has significantly decreased. I have one name that I absolutely LOVE!! Hubby, well he says he likes it but is definitely looking at other options. When we found out we were having a boy this name just stuck with me. I could see him in my head responding to this name while running through the house. I felt it was strong, simple, not too common, but not totally out there. Well today hubby gave me the thumbs up that this is the name for our son. Wow, crazy to say our son!! So in short, we do have a name for our little guy, but for some reason I'm just not ready to reveal it to the world. Knowing me, I'll be shouting it out really soon to everyone, but for now I'm just going to savor in the moment that we have come to a decision making him even more real!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So every since we found out I was pregnant and we told our parents my father-in-law has been saying the phrase from that Geico Commercial "WeHadABabyItsAboy" but he slightly changed it to "AttaBabyItsABoy". I always laughed and just kept saying that our luck was definitely bringing us a girl. We are heavy withe girls on both sides of the family and our chances of a boy in my mind where, well slim. Well today my Father-in-Law must have been chanting it in his head because we found out today We are having a BOY!!! OMG!!!! Shocked is the best way to describe how I felt at first. I had convinced myself to the core that it was a girl. I stared in awe at the screen as I watched what I could now call my little boy and just teared up. I always wanted a boy first and I was finally looking at him as he moved and kicked and showed us his hands and his feet and his proof that he was really a boy. Now we get to play the name game. Picking boy names hasn't been the easiest and right now I have my heart set (almost in concrete) on one name and now just trying to convince Stevo that it's the perfect name for our new little guy. So happy week 17 to me!!!! Oh and if you don't know what Geico Commercial I'm talking about I've included it below.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Navel Orange

Ok for those that have been pregnant you understand the title of this post. I think it's kinda of funny that the size of your baby is compared to fruit!!! This week was funny because on the What to Expect When You're Expecting App, they tell you to get a Navel Orange and then after you hold it in your hand to realize that you now have something that size in your tummy, to then peel it and eat it for the vitamin C you need. I don't know about you but I'm not sure I could really eat an orange this week after it was just compared to my little baby growing in my tummy. Next week once it changes again I just might go back to entertaining the thought of eating one. Did anyone else find it humorous that they size of your baby is compared to Fruit?? Stevo did ask me if they ever stop comparing it to fruit sizes. I realize they do throw an eggplant in there down the line. It's a good thing I don't really care for eggplant!!

Oh and here is this weeks picture! Finally starting to show!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello 2nd Trimester, It's nice to meet you

So yes!! We made it!!! 2nd Trimester. Actually, we met last week but I didn't know this. Thanks to my Dr's appt this week and he agreeing with me that I was in fact correct about the possible due date of APRIL 12th he moved me back to that and it' staying there!! YAY!!!! So officially my 2nd trimester started last week. All I have to say is I KNEW IT!!!! When we got our 2nd ultra sound done I kept looking at that little peanut going, "Gosh, it looks a lot more developed then what they are saying." My intuition has not failed me yet! So 2nd Trimester, let's make this a good one!! I need some energy back and I thank you already for taking away that nasty yucky feeling I was feeling all day long. Oh and let's make sure I don't put on a lot of weight super fast. So far this gradual weight gain has been really working out for me.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's in my Belly

Ugh!!! SO I finally did it. I posted belly picks on my facebook. This should be a fun and great thing right? Then why does it bring me such anxiety? Maybe it's because right now instead of my belly being tight with a baby pressed against it, it's just a bit jiggly. I hadn't gotten to my ideal weight before I got pregnant but I had lost 15lbs so I was definitely in a better place then I was in May. Of course though, there was a bit of belly fat still lingering before it started to grow again, but, hey I'm looking at the positives. For one the only place that really is growing is my belly (with the exception of my chest). Usually weight gain for me is almost everywhere. Realizing that it's centralized has me a bit more calm. Second, I'm still in my jeans and still buttoning them up with now problem!! YES!!! That means the hips haven't expanded yet, but we know it's coming. I am half Spanish and it's just inevitable. Third, I have the gym and my coach! Oh boy am I thankful for the gym and my workouts. I feel so much better after I feel the pump in my muscles and get a good low impact cardio session. Stevo did make a joke one day while we were at the gym asking me if our baby was gonna come out all buffed now. And for my coach, Lauren is awesome!!! It's nice having someone to vent to and letting you know that you are on a great path to a healthy pregnancy and to just embrace it. I look forward to my weekly check-ins. I am thankful to be a Savage Girl even if I have to wait till next year to compete. All in all, I'm just thankful that I am able to go through this pregnancy with love and support from many and try my best to stay healthy for me and our little peanut.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Round Ligament Pain...

OK I get it, you are a part of pregnancy and I'm very accepting of this fact. What I don't like and am having a hard time of accepting is you deciding to wake me up at 430 am as I switch sides. I need my sleep and this uncomfortable cramping pain is not helping my cause!! Let's not forget that I'm already having to deal with my bladder being unkind to me 3-4 times a night, so I would really appreciate it if you could get on board and maybe affect me more around the daylight hours or even before bed while I'm winding down for the night.

Thanks for your understanding!

Desperately needing sleep!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Life changes so quickly

So I'm not unfamiliar to blogging but I thought that this is probably the best time to start a new blog format. Autobabble has now been combined with RTOA since life has changed quit quickly. So as I was saying So much has happened that's been what I consider "life changing" that it really required a new blog. Autobabble will just need to take a backseat. SOOOO Where to start?? Hmmmm....

Well, In June I made a very very difficult decision to leave my job and my company. Let me say several tears were shed. I loved my company but had lost all passion for my job. I was unhappy, stressed, worried, angry, Oh I could go on and on. It was just time. So what did that mean for me and for us. Well that meant moving back to Fresno from the wonderful SF Bay Area. That alone was tough as well. With moving back to Fresno though, this meant that I would not have to work if I didn't want to. Can you believe I even struggled with this? I'm 34 yrs old and have a ton of work left in me. Was I ready to walk away from the working world? The guilt of making my hubby, who graciously said he would support my decision to stay home, would overwhelm me at times. I got over the guilt though. Plus, our priorities had changed. Like I said, I'm 34 and I'm not getting any younger. I couldn't pass off my three wonderful Boxers as my only kids anymore. We needed to actively start working on a family in a stress free, relaxed environment. For those who know my hubby, He's an commercial pilot who has the luxury of only working at most 11 days a month, so we definitely had time to work on this new priority.

So July 30th, I said goodbye to The GAP, goodbye to some amazing coworkers who I consider great friends, goodbye to my family, and goodbye to the beautiful bay and headed back to The "NO" the next week to start my early retirement and start thinking about babies. I had all these grand ideas on fixing up the house. I was going to finally have the time to paint and decorate and make it all my own. I was going to have so much time to go to the gym as I was also training to compete again for Fitness America in November. This early retirement was looking up!!!

After being here one week, our world changed once again. I quickly found out I was pregnant!!!! Um WHAT??!!!! I thought the plan was to start working on that when we got to Fresno? I guess I was just a lot more efficient than I thought. Actually, I think the combination of losing 15 lbs from getting ready to compete and saying the words "I QUIT" to my job is what freed up my body to finally accept the pregnancy process. I just kept saying "OMG I'm PREGNANT!!!!"

So now it begins. April 19th, 2011 is when our little Baby R is due. I am currently 12 weeks (tomorrow actually) and have been very thankful that Ms. 1st Trimester has been somewhat kind to me. I've got one more week and then 2nd Trimester here I come!!! We will definitely be finding out what we are having because I am just too impatient to wait. I need to decorate!!! Oh and I'm saying it now, I think we are totally having a girl. Everyone seems to be in agreement with this as well, but really I'll be happy with whatever God gives us. All we care about is a happy and healthy baby. We truly feel blessed with what 2011 has in store for us and excited for the new life changes we are about to experience. I am so ready for mommy stories, and playdates, and the abundance of baby clothes (if I have a girl) my wonderful favorite cousin Heather will let use, because really, Leila and Gianna have the best wardrobe ever!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Children of the 80's!!!

I stumbled across this site today and was immediately taken back to my youth!!! I forgot all the cool and weird stuff we had like

Chocolate Mint Bubbalicious

bubble beeper gum

transformer watches

the fisher price record player with the multi-colored plastic records!!!

That is just the tip of the iceberg of things that will flash you back!!! The 80's were the best!!! Check out the site I'm Remembering if you need a little nostalgia in your day!

Friday, May 21, 2010


With music! I know I use that word a lot. I've got a list of songs/artists/bands that span across different genres that I'm completely obsessed with. Many of you know I love me some good Untz Untz Untz music. It gets me through slow days and busy days at work and definitely through my workouts (when I do work out) with ease. Ok it just gets me through my day in general :) One of my all time favorite DJs/Producer is Kaskade. Love love love him. His music is more on the mellow side of trance and the vocalists he uses for his songs are hauntingly beautiful!! I had the pleasure of seeing him perform and hands down was the best DJ show/dance experience I've had. He feeds off the audience and the audience just gives him more and more and the music gets better and better as the night progresses. He rocks!!! Well his new album "Dynasty" just came out and I can't stop listening to it!!!! It's been on continuous shuffle on my iTunes and my iPhone. There are a couple of songs that I literally, no joke, have listened to several times tonight. I know many of you aren't particular fans of Dance music, but I think you could find a place in your heart for Kaskade. And for you girls he's absolutely adorable!!!

Here is a couple of my new favs! I would put all my favs up from him, but then this post would be way too long and filled with way too many youtube videos. Check him out!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My new favorite!!!!

Audam!!!!! We like to say it like Ah-Damn!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another chance to win!!!

So you didn't win the small calendar from Much Ado About You / Confessions of A Paper Freak. Well don't you worry your pretty little head. You actually have a chance to win a full size one here at Bird Crafts and click on the cute little banner towards the middle top middle of page that says giveaway! Here's your opportunity to win a Medium size calendar plus check out this really cute blog. There are so many out there!! I love that I keep coming across them all. All you have to do is the following to enter:

1. Visit Much Ado About You on Etsy and choose your favorite calender,
2. Go Back to the Giveaway post and post your fav in the comments AND
3. Be a follower of Bird Crafts and tell her so in the same comment post

* 1 extra entry if you Blog about this Giveaway (just email her the post link)

So good luck again!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Blog to add to my list of Favs

We have some friends that live in Orange County that we adore (Brooke & D we ♥ you!) Brooke's Best friend has this really really creative business called Much Ado About You and makes personalized Calendar books as well as invitations. I bought a book for my cousin for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. These books are unique and can fit any kind of personality with all the different Designs that are listed. You gotta check them out!!
The reason for this post though is to talk about the Blog that Emmy has started. Confessions of A Paper Freak!!! I ♥ the name!! I have throughly enjoyed reading through each and every post. It's definitely filled with a little bit of everything from TV obsessions, to 10 seconds tips to The fab looking salad she made with her Fav Dressing. Right now she's running a contest through sunday where she's giving away one of her purse sized Calendar Books. Check her out and leave her a comment and follow her if you want to be entered. There are a few more ways to better your chances at winning this cute book, but you'll have to go to her blog to check it out!! Another Giveaway

Good luck!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My new favorite iPhone App

So I'll admit, I have a small addiction to iPhone apps. I have 10 pages on my phone to prove it. Yes, I am sure there are people out there that have way more than me, but among my friends I am definitely the most addicted. Anyway, yesterday I stumbled across this App and I am in L.O.V.E.!!!!! I am a sucker when it comes to photography apps and this one is no exception. It's called Hipstamtic. It's a "digital camera" that makes your pics look and feel oldskool while being able to swap out lenses. The app is $1.99. Yes, one should never really pay for apps, but I do feel that sometimes there are exceptions to that rule. The app comes with 3 lenses and gives you the options of buying additional cool lenses. It also comes with 2 types of film and you then have the option of buying 5 additional film types. Lastly, it comes with 2 different types of flash and the option to buy 4 more additional types of flashes. All the additional buys are .99 cents. It let's you buy right within the app using your iTunes log in information. I did buy the black and white film because shooting with Black and White in my eyes is the best!! I haven't used it to it's full extent just yet and I see that myself buying more types of film as I use this more often. I just love putting fun spins on pictures I take and I can't always carry around my DSLR camera. Here are a few pics I took yesterday and today while I was playing around with the app.

Stevo and T checking out T's new hobby

Brody, T and Evie's Spastastic but absolutely adorable dog. (name added to photo to protect vehicle owner)

Brody again...this dog is HUGE!!! Just look at those paws.

Fog coming in over the mountain. It was COLD!!!

Peyton pouting as always...

Peyton giving in and deciding to take a nap

Tarek driving us on our adventure as we tried to get to Oakland. We never made it thanks to a blockage on the Bay Bridge

A well needed Margarita after our adventure

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My favorite has made an appearance

It's been a year since I last saw this spelling. I Was quite excited
when I looked at my cup today.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few of my Favorite things right now...

So lately I've been on this make-up and face kick. Maybe because I feel like I am getting old and need to preserve my youth as much as possible. Or it could be that I need a new thing to obsess about. So to start let me start with face and work up to base and then up to make-up.

So recently I discovered L'oreal Go 360 Deep clean Cream Cleanser. OMG I am loving this stuff!!!! There are a few different solutions like one for small pores, one for sensitive skin and one that's not a cream but a gel. I went for the pink bottle that is the Deep clean Cleanser beacuse I seem to like cream based cleansers over the gels.

The great thing about this cleanser is that it comes with it's own scrubby that pops out and pops back in through the center of the bottle. Another great thing is you literally only need to use a pea sized amount on your scrubby to get a good lather. That means this is gonna last me a long time which means I save $$$. I like that and so will the hubby. This cleanser really leaves your face feeling super squeaky clean and smooth!! It is oil free for those that worry about products adding more oil to your skin like me. So if you are looking for a new cleanser I definitely recommend this one.

My other favorite cleanser that I am using with the above is Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control Power Cream wash.

At 33 you would think that breakouts would be a thing of the past for me. Well maybe it's a blessing and curse at the same time. My oily skin will hopefully keep me looking younger longer, but in the meantime, makes me feel like a 14 year old going through "changes". It does have Salicylic acid, and usually I don't like to use products that have this in it, due to the fact that it either dries out my skin or doesn't even help at all. This product though has actually helped with the breakouts and my skin still seems to feel hydrated. These two together has been a great combo for me.

Now on to base. My new fave face primer is Sephora Brand "Tricks of the Trade" Anti-Shine Primer.
You only need a small amount, goes on like butter and makes your foundation stick like glue!!! Love Love Love it!!!!

My ultimate fav eye primer which has been a fav for awhile is Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion. They finally came out with a concealer colored one called Eden that can be used as a base color for your eyes for a natural look. I have been using this like crazy and just love it.

Ok and my last favorite thing Is Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15.

Thanks to a tip/recommendation from my friend Jana's status update on Facebook I checked it out and started using this mineral make-up. Let me say I've been using loose mineral powder for a few years now and have loved it. The things that drove me nuts were #1 the mess it made and #2 the feeling of never getting full flawless coverage without having to put a few layers on. The new pressed mineral powder from Laura is absolutely FABULOUS!!! OMG my skin looks flawless with one application, I can take it with me, I don't have a powdered mess all over my counter, and it's only $35!!!! Also, my makeup stays and looks pretty much the same in the afternoon as it did when I put it on first thing in the morning. I think I'm hooked for life!! A big Thank you to Jana for posting it in her status!!!! I would have never found this love affair if it wasn't for you!!!

On that note, I am done rambling on. If you have anything that you find that is an absolute must have or you get one of the above and feel the same way I do, definitely let me know. I would love to hear about it!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Why you ask???

Cause I got these!!!!

Oh and that's not all...

I got my Palettes too!!!!!!



I'm sure I'll come off my high soon enough but right now I'm sitting in my new shoes and admiring my new makeup. I keep telling myself i won't need to buy eye shadow for a long time. But, come on right? Look who we're talking about ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


They are just across the bay now!!!! Do you think they'll let me pick them up? Oh please be tomorrow!! PLEASE BE TOMORROW!!!!

I will be dreaming of brand new Nike's tonight!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tracking packages...

Has got to be the most agonizing thing ever!!!! Especially when you are dying for something to arrive. You know, like the personalized Nike's that you designed!! At least they shipped and I've been tracking them it stands, this is their current status. At least they are in the United States now!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You know you're a girl...

...When you receive this in the mail and cannot contain your

I am so excited I want to use them all at the same time!!!

Now all I need is for my new make-up palettes to arrive and I'll be in ultimate make-up heaven.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Double Head Tilt

It's crazy!!! This simple little video that i stuck on youtube in 2007 of my two crazy boxers head tilting to a boxer crying on my computer has a 5 star rating and 25000 views. I just think that's nuts!!!!

The obsession continues...

So there is no doubt I'm obsessed with eye shadow. I am a big Urban Decay Snob. I even found a way to justify buying the new Alice In Wonderland inspired palette from Urban Decay. Totally didn't "need" but hey I'm a girl, I like bright and happy eye colors. So a girl at work has been raving about these palettes she found on ebay. You can actually find them on and also their own website. They are called Coastal Scents. Really really fun palettes that have up 120 colors. I actually settled on two palettes. The 88 color Warm Palette and the 88 color Shimmer Palette. Each palette was $19 bucks!!!! I couldn't pass that price up. Look how pretty these are.

Shimmer Palette

Warm Palette

Just looking at the Shimmer Palette makes me all giddy!!! Like a kid in a candy shop!!!! I can't wait till they arrive.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obesessed Lately

So lately I have been obsessed with Makeup tutorials on youtube. Right now my two top favorites are Lauren Luke and Tiffany D! I can't stop watching them! I've always loved having fun eyes and now I know how to do a lot more different looks that are actually easier than I thought they would be. If you are into makeup and have always wondered how to do smokey eyes or want to use some of those colors that are just sitting in your drawer then check them out. Some of my fav looks that I've tried are on Lauren Luke's youtube. Spring/Summer Bridal, Sweet & Innocent Bridal, & Katy Perry Hot n Cold. I haven't tried any of Tiffany D's yet. but I'm hoping to when I get the new brushes I ordered! The brushes I have are good but needed to be replaced. I was excited to find these on so I'm hoping they are good!! $60 plus free shipping and they come in the case. I had a $25 gift card too so even better!!!!

OMG two in a row!!!

This makes me thoroughly excited!!! Plus it was part of the morning

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's morphing...

Why did it take me so long to hit the purchase button?

So I felt it was time for a new pair of tennies for the Gym. I have had my shox for like 4 years and definitely have gotten a good bang for my buck out of them. For months I've been saying "i need new shox" and for months Stevo has been saying "well buy some". I have been on, in every sporting good store that sells them, and all shoe stores that sell them and just haven't found what I wanted. I am fan of the old skool body style for the shox. Not too glitzy, not too glamy, just simple and perfect for my feet. Well after searching more yesterday and thinking I had found the ones i was going to buy, I realized that i just wasn't going to be happy with them. I finally decided to just design my own with NikeiD. It's a section of where you can design your own shoe with particular styles.
Well they had my old skool shox style and I bit the bullet and did it. Yes it cost a little bit more and it's gonna take forever to get to me but I know in the end I will be happy with my purchase. Of course it did take me 12 hours just to design them and I had to keep walking away from the computer and was hesitant to hit purchase. I finally got the courage to place the order and now my shoes are in production!! YAY!!!!! phew. Now I can't wait to get them!!! I even got to include something on the back of each shoe. I didn't go too crazy and do anything cheesey or lame like "you wish" or "keep dreaming" as suggested by Stevo. I just went with the simple GWEEDYS KICKS. So now the waiting game starts. Please go by fast 2-4 weeks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
Old Shox:

New, fabulous Shox:

Yes it's simple but it's gonna make me so happy!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's just go with Initials

The thing is I didn't even give her my initials. I just said "Autumn" like usual.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The fun continues...

Barista: "Morning what can i get for you?"

Me: "Grande Nonfat Toffe Nut latte please"

Barista: "Name?"

Me: "Autumn"

Hmm Still wondering how she got "Aron" from Autumn. The even funnier thing, this is the second time I have gotten "Aron". About a month ago by the same girl who took my order for today's.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New fun project

It's a simple process. Stand in line at starbucks and wait your turn to order your beverage. Give them your order, "Grande skinny vanilla latte please". Then they ask the question "your name" Inside I laugh. Why you ask? Because I know when I pick up my beverage from the barista counter I know that the spelling of my name will be one that is, well amusing. Sad I know. I mean come on who doesn't know how to spell AUTUMN. Let me be the first to tell you, there are MANY MANY MANY who seriously cannot spell Autumn!!! So I thought it would be fun to do a starbucks cup blog project and document all the cups I get with the "unique" spelling of my name. The ultimate one has been ODUM and I kick myself all the time that I didn't ever take a picture of it. So with that, here is my first entry...

At least they got the AU correct...