Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 5 Months Noah!

Wow 5 whole months already! You are growing leaps and bounds lil man. You are pushing the scales at 19 lbs! You are chatty chatty chatty and have totally discovered the high pitched side of your voice. You especially get high pitched when you're playing in your jumparoo. You have the cutest little voice and laugh and we love doing things that make you laugh so we can hear it over and over again. You are starting to touch everything! You have this cute way of scratching everything just so you can get used to the feel and texture. You are putting everything in your mouth these days too. We also think some teeth are quickly approaching because you continue to drool buckets. Of course we think it's so cute.

You have also continued to be an amazing sleeper and wake up in the happiest moods. You've even started putting yourself to sleep which is great, but mommy is not sure she's ready to give up rocking you to sleep just yet. I discovered you love your routines for bedtime and nap time and definitely let us know when we don't do it just right. Creature of habit...another trait just like your daddy.

This month is a big month for you as we start to break into solid foods. I'm crossing my fingers you appreciate my attempt at making your food. I'm actually having fun doing it and feel good that I have the time and ability to give you the best. I'm sorry that I'll have to give you your veggies first though. Dr's orders ;) Plus I don't want to be like I was where I never ate any veggies until I became an adult.

Noah, we grow more and more in love with you with each and every day. You have made our days so full and rewarding. We continue to be amazed at what a great baby you are and how lucky we are to be your parents. We cannot wait to see what you surprise us with over this next month.

We love you lil man!