Friday, May 21, 2010


With music! I know I use that word a lot. I've got a list of songs/artists/bands that span across different genres that I'm completely obsessed with. Many of you know I love me some good Untz Untz Untz music. It gets me through slow days and busy days at work and definitely through my workouts (when I do work out) with ease. Ok it just gets me through my day in general :) One of my all time favorite DJs/Producer is Kaskade. Love love love him. His music is more on the mellow side of trance and the vocalists he uses for his songs are hauntingly beautiful!! I had the pleasure of seeing him perform and hands down was the best DJ show/dance experience I've had. He feeds off the audience and the audience just gives him more and more and the music gets better and better as the night progresses. He rocks!!! Well his new album "Dynasty" just came out and I can't stop listening to it!!!! It's been on continuous shuffle on my iTunes and my iPhone. There are a couple of songs that I literally, no joke, have listened to several times tonight. I know many of you aren't particular fans of Dance music, but I think you could find a place in your heart for Kaskade. And for you girls he's absolutely adorable!!!

Here is a couple of my new favs! I would put all my favs up from him, but then this post would be way too long and filled with way too many youtube videos. Check him out!!!


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