Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FIT GIRLS VOLUME 1...and I'm in it!!!

For the few of you not yet aware, John Stutz has been working on a book for quite a while now. It's entitled "Fit Girls, Volume 1" and is expected to be available towards the end of March. It encompases half of his best physique photography dating back to 2003. The other half will be available at the end of the year in his second book of the set, "Fit Girls, Volume 2".

I feel compelled to warn you ahead of time: Do not expect to see photos in the book similar to those on my web site -- the photos in the book are substantially better!! And most of them have never been seen before!!

Each volume measures 11"x14" and 1.75" thick!! It weighs in at around 8.5 pounds with 320 pages and 240 photographs. A total of 120 different fitness models (many of whom we all know and love) are represented in each volume. Here's a complete list of all the models featured in Volume 1:

Alexis Ellis, Ali McKnight, Allison Bookless, Allison Ethier, Amanda Jackson, Amanda Jo Earhart, Andi Campbell, Andrea Dumon, Andrea Spinks, Angela Kirkland, Angela Myers, Angela Stueber, Autumn Robertson, Bea Fox, Breean Robinson, Catherine Boshuizen, Chandra Coffey, Cheryl Mitchell, Christina Rhodes, Cindy Phillips, Claire Rohrbacker-O'Connell, Cynthia Bridges-Satalowich, Debbie Bramwell, Debbie Leung, Dena Westerfield, Desha Rodriguez, Diana Chaloux, Diana Tinnelle, Elena Seiple, Elissa Schlichter, Emery Miller, Fawnia Dietrich, Gina Aliotti, Heather Clay, Heather Frey, Heather Grace, Heather Green, Irina Kiselev, Jaclyn Troup, Jamie Eason, Jamie Reed, Jamie Shires, Jane Awad, Jennifer Chamberlin, Jennifer De Joya, Jennifer Lynn Cowan, Jennifer Reece, Jenny Lynn, Jenyne Wilson, Jill Coleman, Jodi Leigh Miller, Jody May, Julie Childs, Julie Marsland, Julie Wallis Rengert, Kali Knapp, Katie Madden, Kaycie Davis, Keri Doudna, Kim Birtch, Kim Tilden, Kristy Hawkins, Latisha Wilder, Laura Cavender, Laura Mak, Lauren Quinn, Leah Wynne, Leanna Rizkalla, Liane Seiwald, Lindsey Cope, Lisa Aukland, Lisa Brinton, Lisa Morton, Margaret Diubaldo, Mari Kudla, Marika Johansson, Mascha Tieken, Melissa Pearo, Melissa Tucker, Meriza DeGuzman, Michelle Troll, Mindi O'Brien, Misti Cerra, Molly Goodwin, Monica Brant, Myrriah Wenona Palomares, Natalie Barnett, Natalie Benson, Natalie Brabner, Natalie Lantz, Nicole Ball, Nicole Marie Fatigati, Nicole Rollolazo, Nina Luchka, Nita Marquez, Pam Anstey, Pamela York, Rhonda Riley, Rosa-Maria Romero, Rosetta Mortati, Samantha Waltz, Sara Clow, Sara Craven, Shana Martin, Shari Yates, Sharon Garrett, Sheila Sullivan, Sherie Salvadori, Shiva Bagheri, Star Blaylock, Tammy Patnode, Tanya Peale, Tara Scotti, Tina Horne, Tina Jo Orban, Tracey Greenwood, Traci Redding, Valerie Waugaman, Waleska Valle, Zuzana Majorova

As you can see I AM IN THE BOOK!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! My competing for three years finally paid off!!! It would be great if you guys would help out as well as the book by clicking on the link and signing up notice when the book hits. I am sooo excited to be a part of something this fantastic. I can't wait to see the book myself. Click below to check it out.


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boxercab said...

Oh and I love your new template, btw. :)

boxercab said...

I can't wait to get the book! Congrats Autumn!!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Very cool! And about damn time we got a new blog entry!

Love you!

Autumn said...

I know i am blogger slacker!! I just don't have that interesting of a life LOL

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Anonymous said...

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