Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's in my Belly

Ugh!!! SO I finally did it. I posted belly picks on my facebook. This should be a fun and great thing right? Then why does it bring me such anxiety? Maybe it's because right now instead of my belly being tight with a baby pressed against it, it's just a bit jiggly. I hadn't gotten to my ideal weight before I got pregnant but I had lost 15lbs so I was definitely in a better place then I was in May. Of course though, there was a bit of belly fat still lingering before it started to grow again, but, hey I'm looking at the positives. For one the only place that really is growing is my belly (with the exception of my chest). Usually weight gain for me is almost everywhere. Realizing that it's centralized has me a bit more calm. Second, I'm still in my jeans and still buttoning them up with now problem!! YES!!! That means the hips haven't expanded yet, but we know it's coming. I am half Spanish and it's just inevitable. Third, I have the gym and my coach! Oh boy am I thankful for the gym and my workouts. I feel so much better after I feel the pump in my muscles and get a good low impact cardio session. Stevo did make a joke one day while we were at the gym asking me if our baby was gonna come out all buffed now. And for my coach, Lauren is awesome!!! It's nice having someone to vent to and letting you know that you are on a great path to a healthy pregnancy and to just embrace it. I look forward to my weekly check-ins. I am thankful to be a Savage Girl even if I have to wait till next year to compete. All in all, I'm just thankful that I am able to go through this pregnancy with love and support from many and try my best to stay healthy for me and our little peanut.


boxercab said...

So awesome that you're doing pregnancy workouts. There's a local company that has pregnancy & mommy/baby exercise classes all around the metro area gyms and college pools etc. I plan on taking a few of those when my time comes.

Lol @ the baby coming out buffed! :D You look fantastic girl. Sending love to the *three* of you and the pups!

Autumn said...

Thanks Carmie!!!! Crossing everything that it will happen soon for you guys!!!!

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