Monday, March 22, 2010

Why did it take me so long to hit the purchase button?

So I felt it was time for a new pair of tennies for the Gym. I have had my shox for like 4 years and definitely have gotten a good bang for my buck out of them. For months I've been saying "i need new shox" and for months Stevo has been saying "well buy some". I have been on, in every sporting good store that sells them, and all shoe stores that sell them and just haven't found what I wanted. I am fan of the old skool body style for the shox. Not too glitzy, not too glamy, just simple and perfect for my feet. Well after searching more yesterday and thinking I had found the ones i was going to buy, I realized that i just wasn't going to be happy with them. I finally decided to just design my own with NikeiD. It's a section of where you can design your own shoe with particular styles.
Well they had my old skool shox style and I bit the bullet and did it. Yes it cost a little bit more and it's gonna take forever to get to me but I know in the end I will be happy with my purchase. Of course it did take me 12 hours just to design them and I had to keep walking away from the computer and was hesitant to hit purchase. I finally got the courage to place the order and now my shoes are in production!! YAY!!!!! phew. Now I can't wait to get them!!! I even got to include something on the back of each shoe. I didn't go too crazy and do anything cheesey or lame like "you wish" or "keep dreaming" as suggested by Stevo. I just went with the simple GWEEDYS KICKS. So now the waiting game starts. Please go by fast 2-4 weeks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
Old Shox:

New, fabulous Shox:

Yes it's simple but it's gonna make me so happy!!


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