Friday, July 20, 2007

I Love Chicken Poop!!!

I really do...But it's not what you are thinking. A few months ago while at the drug store to get some decongestant I stumbled across this lip balm. The name alone caught my eye and I just had to buy it because of the name. Little did I know it would become my absolute favorite lip balm ever. No taste, no smell, no burning just smooth smooth smooth texture!!! I love it so much that I have one at work, one at home, and one in my purse. I am never without my chicken poop. I LOVE CHICKEN POOP!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's almost Friday...

Ok so I started school last week and I am having the hardest time getting motivated to do any homework or reading. I haven't quite decided if I like our instructor. Since all my classes are online I don't have to see him, but still...anyway let's hope I get my butt in gear really soon and start finding my motivation...
On to happier things!!! Tank Finally Sat for me. I had to hold cheese in my hand though. They are sucka's for cheese. So here is my picture of the week. Enter Tank!!! He's so not my little man Tank anymore. He is becoming such a big boy (big sigh)...
He's not my little man anymore

Monday, July 9, 2007

This may not be a big deal to some but for those that know about flickr and it's explore function know it's always a big deal when you make the explore list. Well tonight I made it!!! I can't believe it when I ran the scout and i didn't the "I'm sorry..." I saw a picture starring back at me!!! I was so excited and Stevo just looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to explain it and he still thinks I'm crazy!!! So what if I only came in at #418. I made it!!!! Here is my lucky picture!!! And of course it features the two most wonderful boys in the world!!!! Thanks Tank & Dozer for being such great subjects for mommy!!!!
We love warm sunny days

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!!
Happy 4th from TankThey were not happy to sit for meHappy 4th From Dozer

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tough week ends on a happy note

So we had a scare with our Boxer Dozer. From Sunday of last week till Thursday we dealt with a rollercoaster of emotions as we tried to figure out what was going on with him In the end he came out to be in perfect health!!! I have to say I am thankful for my amazing MLB ( girls and members as well as my BFF Nicole for getting me through and keeping us in their thoughts and prayers as well as sending good vibes our way!! Without them I would have totally lost it!!
So I chose Happy Dozer as my pic of the week. Tank is so camera shy these days that I haven't quite gotten a good pic of him. I'm working on it though!!
I will sit for one picture only