Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So every since we found out I was pregnant and we told our parents my father-in-law has been saying the phrase from that Geico Commercial "WeHadABabyItsAboy" but he slightly changed it to "AttaBabyItsABoy". I always laughed and just kept saying that our luck was definitely bringing us a girl. We are heavy withe girls on both sides of the family and our chances of a boy in my mind where, well slim. Well today my Father-in-Law must have been chanting it in his head because we found out today We are having a BOY!!! OMG!!!! Shocked is the best way to describe how I felt at first. I had convinced myself to the core that it was a girl. I stared in awe at the screen as I watched what I could now call my little boy and just teared up. I always wanted a boy first and I was finally looking at him as he moved and kicked and showed us his hands and his feet and his proof that he was really a boy. Now we get to play the name game. Picking boy names hasn't been the easiest and right now I have my heart set (almost in concrete) on one name and now just trying to convince Stevo that it's the perfect name for our new little guy. So happy week 17 to me!!!! Oh and if you don't know what Geico Commercial I'm talking about I've included it below.


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