Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obesessed Lately

So lately I have been obsessed with Makeup tutorials on youtube. Right now my two top favorites are Lauren Luke and Tiffany D! I can't stop watching them! I've always loved having fun eyes and now I know how to do a lot more different looks that are actually easier than I thought they would be. If you are into makeup and have always wondered how to do smokey eyes or want to use some of those colors that are just sitting in your drawer then check them out. Some of my fav looks that I've tried are on Lauren Luke's youtube. Spring/Summer Bridal, Sweet & Innocent Bridal, & Katy Perry Hot n Cold. I haven't tried any of Tiffany D's yet. but I'm hoping to when I get the new brushes I ordered! The brushes I have are good but needed to be replaced. I was excited to find these on so I'm hoping they are good!! $60 plus free shipping and they come in the case. I had a $25 gift card too so even better!!!!


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