Sunday, November 21, 2010


I will say, naming your child is one of the most hardest things to do. You take two people who have different thought processes on what they think a good name is and try and find a compromise. Really how do you compromise when you LOVE a name so much. When it comes to something I really really like, I have a hard time not being stubborn, not being open minded and not being pushy to get my way. I really have a hard time with the word No too. Yes that word was thrown around a few times.

Well when we didn't know what the sex was we had thrown around some names. We really liked Jacob, but it was the #1 name in 2009 and chances are it will probably be the #1 in 2010 which means by the time he went to school he'd probably be sitting in a class with 10 other Jacobs. So off the table that went. So when we found out surprisingly it was a boy, the discussions really began! I immediately knew the name I wanted once the technician said we were having a boy. I had one name I LOVED and Stevo had one name he loved and trying to convince each other that our choice was better than the others choice made for some very interesting discussions. I may or may not have stomped my feet a few times in protest. He didn't dislike my choice, he actually really liked mine. He just had a hard time picturing calling his son by it. Um hello, he was still getting used to even realizing he was having a son let alone having to call it by and actual name. Then his first choice for a name, well I did not and could not see naming my son the name he had chosen. It was not a bad name at all, its just, well, I had already imagined our little boy with the name I had chosen and calling him by it. I guess it's a girl thing, we always put the fantasy together in our heads and I already saw myself calling to him while he was running through the house.

So after many debates we decided. I won't say that I won because really it is a great name and fits well with our last name and Stevo did contribute the middle name which was a much better choice then the one I was putting with his first name. (Small DISCLAIMER though: we are happy with the middle name but not married to it if something better catches our eye. So far nothing works as good as what we have chosen.

OK OK enough stalling...

Noah Michael will be making his appearance (hopefully on time) on April 12, 2011. I am absolutely in love with his name and can't wait to see his little personality build up around it. Now if we could just make the clock go a little faster. We are so excited to start this chapter in our lives!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Name Game

Oye!! Why is it that the hubby and I could throw out girl names and actually agree to them much more than boy names? I can't believe how hard coming up with boy names is! It can't end with an "N" cause our last name ends with an "N" and it would be a bit too wordy for me. Or, I knew a so and so and I really didn't like him so we can't use that name. Another big issue we are running into is that when it comes to the baby department we are pretty behind most if not all of our friends so our pool of names has significantly decreased. I have one name that I absolutely LOVE!! Hubby, well he says he likes it but is definitely looking at other options. When we found out we were having a boy this name just stuck with me. I could see him in my head responding to this name while running through the house. I felt it was strong, simple, not too common, but not totally out there. Well today hubby gave me the thumbs up that this is the name for our son. Wow, crazy to say our son!! So in short, we do have a name for our little guy, but for some reason I'm just not ready to reveal it to the world. Knowing me, I'll be shouting it out really soon to everyone, but for now I'm just going to savor in the moment that we have come to a decision making him even more real!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So every since we found out I was pregnant and we told our parents my father-in-law has been saying the phrase from that Geico Commercial "WeHadABabyItsAboy" but he slightly changed it to "AttaBabyItsABoy". I always laughed and just kept saying that our luck was definitely bringing us a girl. We are heavy withe girls on both sides of the family and our chances of a boy in my mind where, well slim. Well today my Father-in-Law must have been chanting it in his head because we found out today We are having a BOY!!! OMG!!!! Shocked is the best way to describe how I felt at first. I had convinced myself to the core that it was a girl. I stared in awe at the screen as I watched what I could now call my little boy and just teared up. I always wanted a boy first and I was finally looking at him as he moved and kicked and showed us his hands and his feet and his proof that he was really a boy. Now we get to play the name game. Picking boy names hasn't been the easiest and right now I have my heart set (almost in concrete) on one name and now just trying to convince Stevo that it's the perfect name for our new little guy. So happy week 17 to me!!!! Oh and if you don't know what Geico Commercial I'm talking about I've included it below.