Sunday, November 18, 2007

Have you Elfed Yourself Today???

I sure did and had a lot of fun doing it...want to Elf Yourself?? Go and do it at ElfYourself . I promise you will get one good heck of a laugh!!!

You can check out mine . I added some niftty little screenprints just so you can see what you are missing if you don't feel like elfing yourself!!! Oh how I love the internet!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All About Me Pt. 2


Your Greateast fear: Being alone
Your most fearful moment: When I had to make the decision to move on and be alone
A crime or natural disaster you were a victim of: I was hit by a speeding car while walking across the street when I was younger.
A Crime or Natural Disaster you fear: Being shot or murdered
A sickness or disease you fear: Cancer
A reason for which you would seriously contemplate suicide: No matter what I feared or how bad something was, this would never ever be an option for me.
Your greatest fear about aging: Not being able to do the things I love. Having to put limitations on things.
When People first meet you, you are afraid the will think: she's nuts LOL. Actually afraid that they will not think I am nice because I can be quiet at times. Or, that I would not meet the expecations they had about me.
A country you fear exploring: The Middle East
Your Greates Fear about marriage: Having it fail
Your greatest fear about having children: Screwing them up, or losing them.
Something on your mind you are afraid to share: Not quite ready to share it yet
A Plan or project you worry may fail: My quest to finish school
My dad always taught me that what I fear the most will come to me. I try hard in life not to fear many things. There are some things in this world that are just unavoidable. If you life your life to the fullest and be you inside and out, there is not reason to have many fears.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I have been TAGGED!!!!

WOW!!! Well thanks to my good friend Carmen I have been tagged....What is it you ask? Well Here are the rules:

Rule A) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
Rule B) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
Rule C) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...
Rule D) Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog


Random / weird facts:

1. I have an obsession with satin/silky things. Ribbons mostly. I always carry a small satin ribbon in my pocket or in my purse. It stems from my blue blanky that had a satin trim when i was a baby. I have been obsessed since.

2. I am a music freak!!!! People call me when they can't think of the name of a song or who sings it. People test me all the time!! I also have an obsession for Untz Untz music. I swear I am going to have little raver babies. I also can relate songs to points of time in my life. I can remember the year and where I was when the song was heard.

3. I know every line to Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. I watched every day one summer. I can still watch it and say every line.

4. I have an obesession with cutting and changing my hair. One of these days I will post all the different hairstyles and colors I have had. I get this habit from my mom who again has never had the same hairstyle.

5. I will chew a piece of gum even after it loses flavor. No not as bad as Violet from Willy Wonka, but close I must admit

6. I can't give blood. I pass out if I do. I also have to crawl when I have the flu. I will pass out if I don't. I have a muscle in my stomach that sends a signal to my brain to shut down when I am really sick or lose important fluids like blood. My dad has the same issue.

7. I didn't get my first barbie till I was in my twenties. My mom never bought me barbies, of course they bought me everything else. I actually bought my first Barbie and it wasn't even Barbie, it was Skipper. I didn't have enought money for Barbie. My mom finally bought me princess Barbie when I was 26. Now I can never say she didn't buy me a Barbie.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yes or No

So I have been inspired to blog again after pulling out one of my favorite books that helps to remind me of just who I really am. I decided that I would start blogging from my "All About Me" book.
So... Yes or No???

*You keep a diary

YES but I like to call it a Journal of thoughts because it doesn't always make a lot of sense

*You like to cook

YES & NO I like to cook for entertaining

*You exercise regularly

Hmmm this used to be a big YES as of Monday this will go back to a big YES

*You Sketch while you are on the phone

YES if doodling counts. I can't draw to save my life!!!

*You have read a book in the past month

YES on my 5 hour flight to Atlanta. I then had to buy the third installment so I had something to read on the way home

*You replace the toilet-paper roll immediately


*You like crossword puzzles


*You have visited the Eiffel Tower

YES (I need to go again though)

*You have a secret you have never shared with anyone

NO there is always one person that has to know you darkest secrets, otherwise you will go insane

*You wait till the last minute to fill your car with gas

NO there were enough times in high school where my mom always ran out of gas or almost ran out and walking was involved. I vowed to never let myself be like that

*You snore

YES occasionally when I am extremely exhausted.

*You have been to your ancestors' homeland

NO but this is one of the places on my list of travels. Spain better watch out lol

*You read in the bathroom

NO!!! Ewwww

*Being sick is a vacation

NO!!! Snotty noses and headaches are not my idea of a vacation

*You often have people over at your house


*You like America

YES - of course I have never lived anywhere else

*You can remember jokes

NO i am the worst at this!!! Unless they made me laugh hysterically then just maybe I'll remember them

*You play cards

YES does UNO count??

*You fold your underwear


*You talk in your sleep


*You eat fast


*You recycle small batteries

NO (weird question)

*You often avoid paying full price


*You like hiking

YES and I need to do more of it

*You like being on the phone

YES & NO some days I just ignore it

*You shave regularly

Shamefully NO

*You set your watch a few minutes ahead

YES always have

*You are always late

NO i am always early

*You often get headaches


*You smoke


*A naked photo of you exists

YES - no questions

*You can whistle

YES but not really a tune

*You write letters regularly

NO but the art of writing letters needs to come back. I still love getting letters!

*You believe in destiny

YES-blame it on my romantic nature

*You brush your teeth three times a day


*You have something you wish to confess

YES - who doesn't?

*You change your bedsheets weekly


*You bite your fingernails

YES - Sometimes

*You pick your nose


*You are a vegetarian

NO - tried but couldn't do it

*You have eaten in a restaurant alone

NO - but it's on my list of things to do to get over fears of looking lonely

*You have gone to a movie alone

NO - again on my list (see above)

*You have taken a vacation alone

NO - travelled alone yes to my destination but was entertained my friends at my destination

*You read the newspaper everyday

YES - but of course it's the online version

*You have not used a hair dryer in the past five years

NO - everyday

*You have never used a personal computer

LOL NO...not sure what life would be like without one

*You have made love on an airplane


*You have hit your father or mother in anger


*When you think you have done something wrong you are quick to apologize

YES - I don't like knowing someone is upset with me

*You drank mother's milk


*You generally save letters and postcards

YES - especially ones that are special to me

*You hate parties

NO!!! I am a social butterfly

*You have stolen money from your parents

YES - gosh that sounds so horrible. You do stupid things when you're a kid

*You have fired a gun


*You often have the last word


*Less is more

Yes & NO

*You give money to homeless people


*Money has influenced your character

NO - LOL I would have to have money first to answer that question

*You know who you are

YES & NO - more on the yes side now though. I think you continue to discover yourself everyday

*You enjoy being photographed

YES - on a good day ;)

*Life treats you well