Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milestones while Embracing with Grace

So I've been a blog slacker! You would think since I don't work I would have plenty of time to spout off every random thought I have, but really I'm just a slacker LOL.
So I'm definitely noticeably pregnant now. No more in between Buddha bellies. We've got a severe gut growing! I definitely have had a couple of emotional breakdowns since I was having some issues with perspective. For those of you have gone through pregnancy know that the sudden growth, weight gain and changes you go through can sometimes send you for a loop. But as my coach Lauren told me last week "You're pregnant girl!!!" She reminded me that pregnancy is a beautiful transformation and that I need to accept it in that way. We all go through changes and we all grow in those changes differently. Thanks Lauren!! I've definitely been living my new motto Embrace with Grace!
So the milestones we've been experiencing...well we definitely have flutters and some rolling. This started almost 2 weeks ago. Luckily for the fun rolling Stevo has actually been home. I was always afraid that with his traveling he was going to miss out on those. Luckily, little Noah has been considerate enough to wait till his daddy got home. The rolling movement was crazy. It felt like a little fist rolling around on the inside of my belly and my stomach was SUPER hard.
Our next milestone was small flutter kicks when Stevo decided to blast Metallica in the car when we were headed to the Bay Area last Saturday. I say it was Noah trying to get away from the "noise". He begs to differ. My pay back was last night as I was listening to my Kaskade station on Slacker Radio while waiting at the airport for Stevo to deplane. The little man went active!! Of course Stevo says he was trying to get away from the "noise" LOL. I'll just hope this child has and eclectic taste in music :)
Our big milestone happened last night around 11:30 while laying in bed. I felt and saw a nice kick on the middle of my belly. Can you say WHOA!! So Stevo put his hand on my belly and started pushing to see if we could get another kick. Luckily, Noah cooperated! It was so crazy to feel and see a kick from a this little life inside. Every milestone definitely makes this whole process feel more real all the time. April seems so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it!

and now the belly pics...

Week 22 included in next blog post...


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