Saturday, March 27, 2010

The obsession continues...

So there is no doubt I'm obsessed with eye shadow. I am a big Urban Decay Snob. I even found a way to justify buying the new Alice In Wonderland inspired palette from Urban Decay. Totally didn't "need" but hey I'm a girl, I like bright and happy eye colors. So a girl at work has been raving about these palettes she found on ebay. You can actually find them on and also their own website. They are called Coastal Scents. Really really fun palettes that have up 120 colors. I actually settled on two palettes. The 88 color Warm Palette and the 88 color Shimmer Palette. Each palette was $19 bucks!!!! I couldn't pass that price up. Look how pretty these are.

Shimmer Palette

Warm Palette

Just looking at the Shimmer Palette makes me all giddy!!! Like a kid in a candy shop!!!! I can't wait till they arrive.


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