Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trip to the East Coast

So last month I spent some time on the East Coast. The first part of my trip I head to NYC for 3 days for work. I actually had a great time. It was a fast trip but very productive. We were able to get down to Time Square for dinner. Once again, New York did not disappoint when it came to eats. The food was fab and the company was fun. Here are few pics I was able to catch with my phone

I then headed home for one day and then was off to Atlanta. The first part of my trip was with Carmen, Luis and the B's. It was so great to spend time with them!! We always have a lot of laughs. We ate great food and did our one touristy spot at the CNN building. I wasn't impressed except for the world's largest escalator which you can see me riding below. We got yelled at for taking this pic. No camera's were allowed, you know in case we stole industry secrets from CNN. (thanks Carmie for the fun pic)

Before I head off to the second part of my Atlanta trip we had some pumpking carving to do. Erica came over to join and I finally got to meet Leigh Anna (another boxer mommy). We all ended up doing boxer pumpkins. I tried to be original with my white pumpkin. It turned out ok with the exception of me cutting off his mouth. It just ended up looking like he was barking. Here is a pick of mine and then the three of ours together in the dark (Erica's is in the middle and Carmen's is on the right)

The second part of my trip I was able to spend some time with Timeyo and Kimberly and their new little girl Marli, who is absolutely adorable!!! It was great to see them and to get some baby holding time in. I just wish my stay was a little bit longer.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's official!!!

I am so done with PC's!! Ugh!!! After my laptop of only 2 1/2 years started crapping out on me, I realized that I should have bought a Mac. Instead of making the same mistake twice, last week I did. I love love love love love my MacBook Pro! OMG why on earth I waited this long, I have no clue. It was a hard decision though between the regular MacBook and the Pro. I bounced back and forth at the store playing with both trying to decide what I "really" needed compared to what I "wanted". My "want" always wins out it seems. It defintely was the bigger screen that sold me. I just couldn't go down to a 13 inch when I have been working on a 17 inch. Once you're spoiled there's no going back. I wasn't the only one though that broke down. Stevo ended up getting a MacBook too. Although he did go with the "need" over the "want". The benefits completely outweigh the cost with the Apple Care plan, the free, yes I said "FREE" classes you can schedule at any Apple store and the sheer experience of the computer itself. Plus we have some very good friends who are "hooking" us up with all the software and programs we will need to be fully functioning Apple geeks. Ok so maybe I am just the geek in the family. So we are now one big Apple family with our iPhones and our MacBooks. We are defintely plugged in!!!