Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All About Me Pt. 2


Your Greateast fear: Being alone
Your most fearful moment: When I had to make the decision to move on and be alone
A crime or natural disaster you were a victim of: I was hit by a speeding car while walking across the street when I was younger.
A Crime or Natural Disaster you fear: Being shot or murdered
A sickness or disease you fear: Cancer
A reason for which you would seriously contemplate suicide: No matter what I feared or how bad something was, this would never ever be an option for me.
Your greatest fear about aging: Not being able to do the things I love. Having to put limitations on things.
When People first meet you, you are afraid the will think: she's nuts LOL. Actually afraid that they will not think I am nice because I can be quiet at times. Or, that I would not meet the expecations they had about me.
A country you fear exploring: The Middle East
Your Greates Fear about marriage: Having it fail
Your greatest fear about having children: Screwing them up, or losing them.
Something on your mind you are afraid to share: Not quite ready to share it yet
A Plan or project you worry may fail: My quest to finish school
My dad always taught me that what I fear the most will come to me. I try hard in life not to fear many things. There are some things in this world that are just unavoidable. If you life your life to the fullest and be you inside and out, there is not reason to have many fears.


boxercab said...

Ouch! I can't believe you got hit by a car!!! You obviously made it out ok, thank goodness, but were you ok?

I'm afraid of cancer too. :(

Autumn said...

yes i was ok. I was hit and thrown up the street actually and landed under a parked car. I had a lot of angels that day because I awoke with only a deep cut in my ear that needed stitches and a bit sore the next day. I woke up and asked if we were still going ice skating...that's where we were headed.

Dianne said...

Wow - the car thing is terrifying! I'm glad you had a lot of angels around that day!

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