Saturday, October 22, 2011

Noah is 1/2 a year old

Can someone please tell me where 6 months has gone?!?! This time last year we were speculating whether we were having a boy or girl and had ourselves convinced we were having a girl. Well let me tell you, Noah is all boy!!! Right down to the chubby little legs he sporting and the constant throwing and banging of every toy we give him!

Noah you are 6 months now and still continue to be the happiest most precious baby! You are a whopping 20.7lbs and 27 inches long when we checked in at the Doctor last week!!! Kid, you do realize you come from short parents?!?! Carrying you around is starting to get a little difficult. You are almost half my upper body LOL.

We started you on solids at 5 1/2 months and you weren't quite sure what I was trying to do to you. Your bibs got more food action then your mouth did. At the 6 month mark thought, it was like a lightbulb went off and you have been chowing like a champ ever since. You love everything I feed you except bananas. You're favorites seem to be carrots, peas and apples. Just for fun I tried giving you some store bought baby food last week and you made the most hilarious "this is the grossest stuff ever!" face. I wish I had my camera to capture it. This makes me happy knowing that you will grow to love food just like your mommy does :)
You are also officially rolling over. Of course you start with the hardest position since you do not like being on your tummy. You can roll from back to tummy. You are starting to get the hang of rolling back but most times you just put your head down on the ground and whine out of frustration until we help you roll back. Pretty soon you are gonna be rolling around the house.

You are still a wonderful 11-12 hour sleeper. Thank you for being such a great sleeper. Now if I could just sleep at night and not worry about you then we would both be great sleepers. Naps are definitely another story for you. You go through phases. Somedays you seem to think you just don't need naps, then other other days you go for 4 hour marathons. Hopefully the more active you get you'll realize that naps are not for sissies and you take more of them.

You are starting to sit up better too. Of course you end up folding yourself forward and are able to pull yourself back up but I think your big dome prevents you from not falling backwards. Did I mention you have a big dome? You can fit in 12-18 month caps already. Small parents remember? Not sure how you got so big.

Noah we continue to enjoy every second we spend with you. You brighten our days. You are daddy's happy place when he's away and the bright spot in my day every day.

We love you little man!


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