Monday, February 28, 2011

Where I'm at now.

Well my last update was week 30...Um again BLOG SLACKER!!!! Well we definitely have been busy. My hubby had a nice two weeks off in February so we figured why not bang out the nursery sooner than later!!! We made a game plan and said we wouldn't take more than a week to get the big stuff done. Well To my surprise we did just that! We started on Monday and hung new chair rail border and painted all the baseboards and trim. Tuesday...Break ;) Wednesday we painted the bottom half of the walls. I distinctly remember my hubby saying "I am not painting the top today" while we were in the process. Thursday we finished the top portion, all the edging and the closet. Phew!! Paint dunzo!! Friday I think we took a break again. Oh wait scratch that, I put together the cubbies for the closet. Nothing like more storage to make a girl happy!! Saturday we put together the dresser and hung the picture shelf. Sunday, because my sister ROCKS!! we picked up our new glider for the nursery and assembled that as well. I will say the glider assembly was the HARDEST of all we did that week. So I'm now feeling pretty good about where we are at. We still need to hang the new ceiling fan, change out the outlets and then get some more decorations on the walls. I am starting to see my vision come to life and that makes me so excited!! So here's a bit of our progress. I still have window treatments, a picture project, misc floor stuff and some other things that I need to get going on, but thankful the tough stuff is done.

Starting point...the paint color was so dingy! Blah!

The molding all painted a nice fresh Bright White!!! AHHH So refreshing to see.

The most ugly 80's ceiling fan! This was there when we bought the house.

Molding done and first color (bottom) on the walls.

Second color on the walls (on top)

Finished walls with Crib in place. Awesome sauce!!! Yes Peyton is bogarting the picture.

With the dresser and the crib in place.

With the picture shelf up

And our new glider...

Where we are at now...I still have a lot to do.


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