Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How about a little Cookies and Milk?

February 26th I had my first baby shower thrown by the Fabulous Heather Teri and Dana (cousins), and my Fabulous sister Lisa. Heather has always been a little sister to me who is extremely creative and Teri definitely has taken on a Big Sister Roll all my life. Dana is by far one of the best additions to our family when she married my cousin Ryan (Teri's son, Heather's brother) back in November. Then there is our other extremely creative one my sister Lisa who I love dearly. I am truly blessed with some fantastic woman in my life.

Well, I must say that my first shower was one that was done with much love and such creativeness that it way surpassed any expectations I had. I am ever so thankful for those that love me enough to through me something so fantastic and also very thankful for those that helped me celebrate the upcoming birth of our little Noah. I am a truly blessed girl and this little boy is gonna be a spoiled one!

So are there pictures??? Of course but you'll have to go check out my cousin Heather's Blog post Cookies and Milk Baby Shower to get all the details. You will be just as impressed as I was with the amount of time and creativeness they put into this event.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOVE the owl layout! It was a fun shower to throw - love you!!

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