Friday, July 8, 2011

3 Months Old!!!

My little man is growing like a weed! I'm not quite sure where the last 3 months has gone. He's no longer my little newborn. Loving all the smiles and coo's and the noise competitions we have. So far he's winning on how loud he can coo. He's sleeping through the night which has made mommy and daddy's sleep life a bit easier. He's mastered the pouty lip but we have yet to get a good picture of it. He is definitely bringing much joy to our lives with his happy personality.
Happy 3 Month little Noah!

And here are some outtakes just for fun. The hand in the mouth is my favorite since this is his new thing. Not sure if it's a teething thing or it's just fun to stick his whole fist in his mouth. I have caught him with just the thumb in there...we might have a thumb sucker on our hands...


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